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Recital tickets and ads on sale NOW!

Recital tickets and Ad info:

Ads on sale until May 10th:

Recital Info - 

Where: Yukon Fine arts center

When: Dress Rehearsal - Thursday, June 1st

TIME: Dress Rehearsal - call time @ 4:30

when: RECITAL - Friday, June 2nd 

TIME: Recital - Call time @ 5pm 
START TIME: PreShow 5pm/Main Show 6pm

*all entrants wishing to have a seat, will need a ticket. NO tickets needed for dancers. more info coming soon.

**recital Costumes are bEing sent home now. should you have any questions regarding expectations of hair, makeup, accessories, or costume, please reach out via dance authority email or phone to 405.324.0500.
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