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Elephants - Tiny Combo Ballet
Teddy Bears - Tiny Combo Tap
Advanced Ballet
Don't Stop The Party - Int. Hip Hop
I'd've Baked a Cake - Mini Ballet II
Mini Tap II - Twirly Whirly Shooby Doo.m
Dance Like Me - Mini Hip Hop I
It's Time to Celebrate - Mini Jazz
Let's Have a Kiki - Int. Jazz
Tiny Toes - Unicorns
You're Invited - Adorable Company
Doggie Dawgs - Pre Tween Company
Jump Jazz & Roll
Circus - ACRO
Tiny Tumble
What's This - Fit & Funky
Authority Hip Hop Crew
Mini Hip Hop II - Work It Out
Int. Ballet_Never Gonna Catch Me
Fairy Wonderland - Mini Ballet I
Zoomboppadiggitylicious - Mini Tap I
Enchanted - Beginning Ballet
Authority Troop 405
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